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Marketing Consultant

Are you looking for a service to help you get new customers and grow your business? Shadenap can help you meet your goals through SEO "pay per lead" digital marketing campaigns on Google. Google ads allow me to specifically target potential customers that have already expressed a need for your product or service without wasting time and money on "window shoppers" increasing your CPC. I can serve the needs of your business anywhere in the United States with a campaign that is region-specific or nationwide, so if you'd like to know more about my services, you can dial +1-425-892-4889 to schedule a free consultation. 

My Services

My service includes developing a marketing strategy that will effectively capture your target market online. Afterward, I'll run hyper-targeted online ads to dominate your market on platforms like Google and Facebook with the overall goal of bringing new customers to your business website each and every week consistently at the lowest cost possible. With analytics at the forefront, I can brief your business on the insights generated from the ads to make actionable improvements to minimize your Cost Per Click so you can outperform your competitors. 

Helping You Reach The Next Level

I ensure an optimized SEO architecture. This includes writing compelling meta descriptions, title tags, use of h-tags, sitemap installation, internal linking structure, image-alt-text, keyword use, schema, Google local mapping, and much more. I also utilize a pay per lead campaign as it can bring new clients immediately. Most people who run pay per lead campaigns via search engines and other sources run them ineffectively because they simply get as many relevant keywords as they can, run ads on them without ever having a follow-up mechanism in place. The problem with doing this is: They fail to maximize the profitability of their campaigns. They end up getting non-relevant traffic and paying for clicks that will simply not convert. Managing this via monitoring IP addresses, campaign hours, geography and ad structure can improve return on monthly investment dramatically. They also fail to periodically manage search phrases that may have similar keywords but will not convert and bring in leads. I believe in gathering as many data points as possible so that your conversion rate is high and Cost Per Click is minimal. 

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